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One thing to avoid when brushing your teeth – ‘common misconception’ says dentist

A common misconception is to swish water after brushing. But according to clinical director and lead dentist at Paste Dental, Dr Alan Clarke, it’s time to ditch it....Continue The Full Reading.

He said: “It might seem counterintuitive, but rinsing right after brushing washes away the fluoride-rich toothpaste that’s left behind on your teeth.

“Fluoride is like a superhero for your enamel, shielding it from the forces of decay.

“So, embrace the quirky feeling of having toothpaste lingering – it’s your secret weapon.”

Dr Clarke offered some more advice when it comes to your teeth brushing routine, from how long you should brush for to the angle you should hold your brush.

Embrace the Two-Minute Rule

Our lives are a whirlwind of activity, and sometimes, even brushing our teeth feels like a race.

But your teeth deserve some quality time too, said Dr Clarke. He said: “The magic number here is two, two minutes of focused brushing.

“Tune into your breath, let go of the outside chatter, and let those bristles do their dance.

“A little patience goes a long way in ensuring your teeth get the pampering they deserve.”

Be a brushing Picasso

Picture your teeth as a canvas, and your brush as the artist’s brush, said Dr Clarke.

He advised: “Use gentle, circular motions to create artistry, reaching every nook and cranny.

“Think of it as a creative expression of self-love, and your smile as the masterpiece.”

Play the angles game

Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums, said Dr Clarke. He explained: “This sweet spot helps to reach beneath the gum line, where all the action happens.

“Gently sweep away the plaque that thinks it can hide there. Trust me, it’s a game-changer for fresher breath and healthier gums.”

The great divide: upper and lower love

Your upper and lower teeth are like the dynamic duo of your mouth, said Dr Clarke. They play different roles, and they deserve some separate TLC.

He said: “For your upper teeth, brush downward gently. For your lower teeth, brush upward with the same tenderness. It’s like giving them a high-five of love, tailored to their unique personalities.”

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