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Our hands and our doors are wide open to those who want to join our party– According to Emeka Beke



In response to the defection of 27 lawmakers from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Emeka Beke, the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, emphasized the need of following established protocols in order to join the APC. Beke explained that although the party is open to new members, there are certain requirements that those who wish to join must fulfill.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Beke expressed the party’s welcome to anyone wishing to join the APC in an interview with Arise TV, but emphasized the need of adhering to the correct procedures. He clarified that he is not inclined to turn away anyone who are interested in joining the APC because he is the party’s leader in Rivers State. Beke emphasized that candidates need to return to their respective wards in order to formally declare their decision to join the APC.

He clarified that there is a prescribed process for joining, emphasizing the significance of engaging at the local level. According to Beke, candidates, including the 27 lawmakers, are required to go back to their wards and local government areas to officially declare their decision to join the APC.

He said, “For me, our hands and our doors are wide open to those who want to join our party, but there’s a process, as I’ve always said. You must go back to your ward, and you must go back to your local government because politics is local. All 27 lawmakers know where they are coming from, and they have to go back there to declare that they are joining the APC. They cannot just jump to the center to join us because if you say politics is local, you have to go to the grassroots.”

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