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‘Our neighbor’s behavior left homes soiled in bird droppings – we took them to court’

A couple and their neighbors have gone to court over a dispute about bird droppings after their properties were left ‘soiled’ in excrement...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Four residents based in the city of Harahan, Louisiana, filed a complaint about their neighbors after they introduced public structures that allegedly lured hundreds of birds into the area.

It is believed that birds that flock to small areas in great numbers pose a safety risk when they defecate on public property in great numbers.

The four residents, complained that their cars and patio furniture were covered in bird droppings from Blue Martins since their neighbors started fitting posts and nests in their backyard.

Since Blue Martin populations have suffered a population decline, the birds have become heavily dependent on humans to give them a place to nest.

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