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Over half of Brits don’t know about local places of interest in their hometown



More than half of adults are unaware of the historical landmarks in their hometown. A poll, of 2,000 adults, found 32 percent wouldn’t be able to name the places of interest in their local area, while 64 percent don’t know what is worth exploring near where they live.

Despite this lack of knowledge, 24 percent claim they are spending more time outdoors now than ever before – with 74 percent actively taking time out of their day to go outside.

When it comes to pastimes, 71 percent enjoy walking or rambling, and 53 percent often treat themselves to a trip to the pub after taking part in an outdoor activity.

In response to these findings, and to encourage people to familiarise themselves more with their local surroundings, Beavertown Brewery, which commissioned the study, has created seven new awe-walking routes.

Awe-walking is a mindfulness technique where a walker tries to shift their attention outwards, instead of inwards.

Each walk will start from a participating pub, where beer drinks will use UV-activated beer mats that reveal a secret map once exposed to sunlight, to lead them on an otherworldly walk to a nearby wonder.

Tom Rainsford, at Beavertown Brewery, said: “Working a “pint stop” into a walk with a mate is something we all love.

“In fact, our research has shown 53 percent of Brits like to treat themselves to a trip to the pub after a walk.

“This bank holiday, we wanted to add a touch of mystery and lore to your pub walk, with our UV beer maps.”

An average of 64 minutes is spent outside each day – with the typical week seeing three hours spent sitting, five hours spent walking, and four hours exercising.

Nearly half claim being outside helps them foster a deeper connection with nature, while 21 percent feel it offers opportunities for social interactions.

And 61 percent often explore nature when they want to feel inspired – with 21 percent finding this to be one of the main benefits.

The study also found close family members are the preferred company when taking part in outdoor activities (51 percent).

And when it comes to exploring their local area, 40 percent prefer to do this by venturing to hidden gems, while 28 percent enjoy visiting markets or food festivals to experience the outdoor food scene.

However, it seems those polled still have things to learn about where they live, as 59 percent rate their awareness levels as “moderate”.

Tom Rainsford added: “Grab your walking boots, finish your pint, and discover that the secret maps hidden in your local pubs aren’t the only things to be uncovered in your hometown this weekend.”

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