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PDP chairmanship: Allow me to complete Ayu’s tenure, Ex-Gov Suswam pleads

Convinced that he possesses the requisite experience and leadership acumen to steer the party to a greater height, a former governor of Benue State, Mr. Gabriel Suswam, has asked the party to allow him to assume the position of the national chairman of the party and complete the tenure Senator Iyorcha Ayu, who was removed from the post by a court order....Continue The Full Reading.

The former governor said at a media briefing in Abuja that he was eminently qualified to step into the national chairmanship position of the PDP having served the party in various capacities as two-term governor of Benue, senator and a member of the House of Representatives at various times.

Senator Suswam pointed out that since the PDP had zoned chairmanship position to the North Central and microzoned it to Benue State, it would make political sense to allow him as an experienced Benue political leader from the preferred zone to step in and complete Ayu’s tenure.

Suswam maintained that it was only by allowing him to continue from where Ayu stopped that the state and the zone would be compensated for their numerous contributions to the stability of the PDP.

The former governor said, “We at the party level believe that the North Central should produce the next president as stipulated by the PDP constitution to complete its tenure.The North central should not be shortchanged going by the precedent that has already been set by the party.

“I believe that it is important to hear from me. It is just for me to let you know that I have consulted with people in the zone to complete Ayu’s tenure.

It is not a national contest something that should be done through consensus and understanding based on the fact that the position was zoned to the North central by the PDP.

Asked if he had cleared with Ayu who was surreptitiously removed from the post through a court order, the former governor affirmed that he had consulted with Ayu and that he was not in court to challenge his removal from office.

“Ayu is not in court and I’ve spoken with him extensively and he said he is no longer interested. He is not in court to challenge his ouster,” Suswam claimed.

The former governor dismissed the notion that there were many camps in PDP, arguing that all well-meaning PDP members recognise that Atiku Abubakar remains the leader of the PDP, having emerged as the Presidential candidate of the party.

“I don’t think there is camps in PDP and we have one PDP.

I don’t think Wike has a camp. Atiku was our presidential candidate and automatically the leader of the party.

“I don’t think that G5 exists since they are no longer governors but ex-governors. It can now be referred to Ex G5,” the former governor said.

Suswam said he would use his vast political experience to resolve the challenges of PDP and reposition it as a strong and feared opposition party in Nigeria to save the country from the current economic and financial crises induced by the APC.

“We need a party to offer a better alternative to what we are facing in Nigeria today,” Suswam said.

It will be recalled that the highest body of the PDP will meet in Abuja on Thursday this week to decide on the chairmanship position of the party.

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