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Peter Obi Seen Breaking Fast With Over 1000 Muslims (PHOTOS)

Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, elucidated his decision to join Muslims in breaking the Ramadan fast at the Maraba-Nyanya International Market Central Mosque in Abuja.

In a statement shared via his official X handle on Tuesday, Obi expressed his motive for visiting the mosque, aiming to grasp the challenges faced by Nigerians amidst the prevailing monumental hardships in the nation.

Obi said, ”My team and I had the opportunity of feeding and breaking the Ramadan fast of the day with around 1000 individuals at the Maraba-Nyanya International Market Central Mosque, symbolizing unity and cooperation during this auspicious season.”

“The visit signifies unity and cooperation during this sacred season of Ramadan,” stated the former Governor of Anambra State, emphasizing the importance of leaders demonstrating responsibility and empathy towards their constituents.

Obi emphasized that effective leadership in a new era necessitates engaging with people in their authentic circumstances and addressing their genuine needs. He remarked, “These visits provide invaluable insights into the struggles of our people, many grappling with immense hardships. It’s also an opportunity to underscore the imperative for leaders to display accountability and compassion towards their communities.”
Peter Obi dined with Muslims in an Abuja mosque on Monday, March 18, 2024. [Nwoke Agule/X]

He concluded, “Leadership in our evolving nation must be attuned to the realities faced by the populace and respond with empathy and action.”

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