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Places to Find Extra Storage Space in Your Domestic Kitchen

While spacious kitchens have become a status symbol of sorts, that hasn’t always been the case. So if you live in an older home that hasn’t been updated, your kitchen may be smaller than you’d like, and lack the storage space you need. Or does it?..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Your kitchenmay not have a pantry, or walls lined with cupboards, but chances are, there are somestorage spotsthat you’re overlooking. Here’s what to know.

Whether you need to stash pots and pans, or store small appliances, here are a few spacesin your kitchen thatyou may not be fully utilizing:

When it comes to your kitchen, wall space is storage space. The easiest way to make use of even small sections of a wall is to install hooks of some variety. In addition to individual hooks, you can install a curtain rod, tension rod, or towel baron the wall between your cabinets and counter, and hang cooking utensils, mugs, or small kitchen gadgets from S-hooks.

If your kitchen is short on storage, and there’s a gap between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, you should be taking advantage of that space. Unless you’re really tall, it’s not somewhere you’re going to want to put items you use every day, but it’s perfect for small appliances like slow cookers, or a giant pot you only needa few times a year.

You probably have at least a few underutilized shelves in your cabinets. Let’s say you have a single layer of roughly 5-inch-tall mugs on a shelf that’s 12-inches-tall. Instead of wasting that vertical space, make or buy stacking shelves to add another level of storage.

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