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Plumber shares ‘effective’ 10-minute home remedy to clear blocked drains without a plunger

Household drains are expected to deal with a huge range of substances over the course of the average day...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

A kitchen sink, for instance, has to process huge amounts of grease and food.

A bathroom drain, on the other hand, has to cope with soap suds, grime and hair several times a day.

So it’s not surprising to see these essential drains becoming blocked regularly.

To help tackle the task, plumbing experts at Flowtec have shared “simple” solutions for households to try.
Hot water method

Pouring hot water can help “dislodge” fat and food scraps from the kitchen drains and soap scum from bathroom drains.

Of course, boiling water can help loosen and melt gunk, holding a clog together. Although, it’s not always helpful.

This method won’t stand up to more “serious blockages”, especially if your drain is clogged with items like grease, oil, dirt, or hair.

The plumbing pros noted: “Be aware that when pouring hot water, this can push the clog deeper into your pipes, making the clog more difficult to reach.”
Drain snake

A drain auger, otherwise known as a plumber’s snake or an electric eel, is a bit “like a colonoscopy” for drains.

This contraption will “dislodge or break up” fibres, snag lightweight materials, and scrape clean the pipe walls.

Households may need to use this to drain a few times until the clog is gone. This can be tested by running water to tell if the drain is still clogged.

The expert urged: “Only try this method if you are confident in using machinery-otherwise, it’s worth calling in a professional.”
Baking soda and white vinegar

The experts claimed that this “simple home remedy” is “effective and environmentally friendly”.

All households need to do is put one cup of baking soda down the blocked drain, then one cup of vinegar, stand back and watch it fizz.

The plumbing gurus said: “Then leave it for around 10 minutes to do its work, and then clean the drain with hot water.”

Explaining why this method works, the experts said: “As bicarbonate of soda and vinegar react, they fizzle and expand.

“The pressure from the expanding mixture pushes the clog down as it moves along. The solution also helps to remove soap scum that often sticks to drains.”

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