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Portable leaves Tiwa Savage blushing uncontrollably as they link up in London (VIDEO) - UTWEETS

Portable leaves Tiwa Savage blushing uncontrollably as they link up in London (VIDEO)

Portable, the Zazuu crooner with a penchant for sparking fiery feuds with colleagues he can’t gel with, has a special spot in his heart for a select few – and Tiwa Savage is one of the chosen ones! When he stumbled upon her unexpectedly in London, he was utterly euphoric, showering her with effusive praise that left her blushing like a scarlet rose and laughing with unbridled joy. It was a serendipitous encounter that reached stratospheric heights of excitement, a meet-up that was the cherry on top of a sundae!..READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In a sensational new video, Portable explodes with unrestrained excitement after an electrifying and completely unexpected meeting with Tiwa Savage, one of his esteemed female colleagues whom he holds in the highest regard.
While immersed in a live discussion surrounding the contentious remarks of Saida Boj, the unexpected happened as Tiwa Savage suddenly appeared out of thin air, catching Portable off guard and sending shockwaves of admiration through him.

During their London meetup, Nigerian singer Portable expressed admiration for his senior colleague Tiwa Savage, showering her with compliments and singing her praises in a video he posted on Instagram.

In a riveting video clip, Portable didn’t shy away from diving into the swirling waters of controversy surrounding the remarks made by the Influencer Saida Boj.

With a resolute demeanor, he offered his perspective, adding depth and nuance to the discourse.

However, the atmosphere shifted dramatically midway through the recording when Portable’s attention was suddenly captivated by the presence of none other than the illustrious Tiwa Savage.

With palpable excitement coursing through him, he leapt to his feet, his voice infused with adoration as he bestowed upon her the endearing titles of “Ogbanje of Africa” and the “godmother of single mothers.”

Overflowing with enthusiasm, the singer couldn’t contain his excitement upon spotting Tiwa, reminiscing about their chance encounter at a prestigious fashion show in London. With a glint of anticipation in his eyes, he shared his plans to jet off to America next.

In the quiet setting, despite Tiwa Savage’s attempts to hush Portable’s loud enthusiasm, he kept on praising her and asking for God’s blessings upon her. Tiwa couldn’t help but blush uncontrollably at his heartfelt words.

The Zazuu Crooner’s words;

“Mummy, God bless you; I am happy to see you too. International woman, number 1. I met her in London at a fashion show, yet you guys didn’t blow; if not, you would have seen her there. These are the people who have blown me and Tiwa—Ogbanje of Africa, Tiwa Savage ni. God bless you, Maami”


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