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Presidency Reveals Those Who Leaked Tinubu’s Secret Memo, Moves To Deal With Them



Bayo Onanuga, the Special Adviser to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Information and Strategy, has asserted the presence of moles within the current administration clandestinely working for the opposition.……CONTINUE READING>>>

While not specifying the party involved, Onanuga raised concerns over individuals leaking confidential documents to the public and emphasized the urgency for the Federal Government to take decisive measures to identify and weed out such individuals.

He highlighted ongoing investigations into the civil service framework, initiated at the request of the Presidency, aimed at identifying and removing individuals deemed “moles.”

Regarding a recent alleged internal memo leak, suggesting President Tinubu’s approval of the disbursement of N500 million for the inauguration of a Tripartite Committee, Onanuga expressed dismay, attributing these leaks to unauthorized disclosure of classified documents.

“This step is crucial in ensuring the security and maintenance of sensitive information,” the presidential aide said.

Onanuga remarked, “What is worrisome is, how come a memo written by SGF to the President bearing the President’s signature leaked out? It means that there are some fifth columnists within the government.”

He further added, “There are so many moles around who are probably doing the bidding of the opposition. They do not respect the civil service rule for handling official secrets. And it shows that the government should look inwards to probe how memos between officials are getting into the public space. Memos that are supposed to be secret are not supposed to be flying all over the place.”.…CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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