President Bola Tinubu will rule beyond 2027 — Ganduje

President Bola Tinubu will rule beyond 2027 — Ganduje...Continue The Full Reading.

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Abdullahi Ganduje, has said President Bola Tinubu will remain in office beyond 2027.

He said this on Monday in Abuja at the party’s national secretariat when he addressed a crowd of supporters.

Ganduje who spoke during a solidarity visit to him, said the opposition parties, especially the New Nigeria Peoples Party, were afraid of defeat having been defeated in the 2023 general election.

He said: “The NNPP is already foreseeing another defeat in 2027, hence its recent propaganda against the leadership of the APC.

“They are so afraid because we are consolidating.

“They are so afraid all over the country because we are receiving new entrants into our party.

“That is creating fears in their minds.

“They are already eyeing 2027, but that time, there is no vacancy in the presidency, only our President Bola Tinubu will, insha Allah, continue as president of Nigeria.”

Ganduje urged APC supporters to ignore the antics of the opposition parties and to remain focused.

He added: “We urge you to be committed to our party so that we will continue to forge ahead.

“We have seen your commitment and heard your speeches, and we understand your mission.

“Our eyes are on those who are diverting our attention through political propaganda against the APC, but we will not allow them to continue that way.

“We understand what they are doing.

“It is a political drama.

“It is an African Magic drama to convey a failed programme and projects by failed politicians.

“We will not allow them to continue.

“They are also sponsoring pockets of dissident protests from all over the country and spending huge amounts of money for people to demonstrate against the leadership of our party.”

Ganduke added that from what the APC had seen across the country, the action was a complete failure, saying the opposition party in Kano State was sharply divided because it was a mixture of failed politicians.

“If you follow what is happening in that party, you will find out that it is sharply divided between authentic and fake members, lacking leadership qualities,” he said.

Speaking, Prof. Salihu Alizaga, the Convener of the solidarity visit, said it was to show support for the APC national chairman.

Alizaga said: “We are here to tell the world that APC is one united family, devoid of rancour as being erroneously portrayed and speculated by few individuals under the obvious sponsorship of opposition political parties.

“We advise those who wish to be APC National Chairman after Ganduje to wait till the next elective convention where everyone will be allowed to test their popularity at the convention.

“The National Executive Committee of our great party has elected Ganduje as national chairman and he has a tenure of office to complete.

“There is no ambiguity at all.

“As faithful party men and women, we unequivocally pass a vote of absolute confidence on President Tinubu and Ganduje for jobs well done, our support for them is 100 percent.” …Continue Full Reading.>’.

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