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Real Madrid Legend Kroos Apologizes To FC Barcelona Star Pedri For Ending His Euros - UTWEETS

Real Madrid Legend Kroos Apologizes To FC Barcelona Star Pedri For Ending His Euros

A quarterfinals clash between Spain and Germany was tipped as the game of the tournament thus far for pitting the only team to have won all its games against the hosts...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In an out of character start to the match, however, a usually graceful and refined playmaker Kroos went rough into tackles.

He first collided with 16-year-old Lamine Yamal, and then sent the winger’s FC Barcelona teammate Pedri flying into the air in what Catalan newspaper SPORT said was his “last service for Real Madrid”.

As later confirmed by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to Mundo Deportivo, it appears that Pedri has suffered an internal lateral sprain in the left knee that smashed into the turf when he landed, which has therefore ended his Euros.

Spain progressed to the last four thanks to Mikel Merino’s extra time header which sealed a 2-1 win, yet Pedri will not play any part in a showdown with France and a potential final against one of four teams among England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Reacting to his country’s exit, which has in turn brought about his promised retirement from the game, Kroos apologized to Pedri by tagging him and asking the 21-year-old for forgiveness.

“Logically it wasn’t my intention to hurt you. A speedy recovery and all the best. You are a great player,” Kroos said.

Called out of international retirement to play the Euros, Kroos also said that he was “glad” he did so “despite all the sadness and emptiness since the whistle yesterday”.

“I’ve seen more and more in the team than it has shown in recent years. But I didn’t expect that it is possible in such a short time to have a really realistic chance at the title and to be up to date with the best again! That’s why I’m very proud of what this team did,” Kroos insisted.

As said, Kroos will now hang up his boots aged 34, with many football fans believing he is still at the height of his powers…For More, CONTINUE THE FULL READING.:.

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