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Rich Nigerians are urged by Sam Olu Alo to help the less fortunate




Prophet Sam Olu Alo, the Founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Adamimogo Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain Worldwide, admonished affluent individuals to extend support to the less privileged, stressing that fostering love, selflessness, and judicious use of resources are pivotal in Nigeria’s quest for progress and unity.

During a charitable event in Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Prophet Alo emphasised the imperative of aiding the less privileged and promoting a culture of selflessness and compassion among the populace.

The event saw the distribution of financial assistance, clothing to 1,200 widows, scholarships to secondary school students, and support aimed at uplifting the underprivileged.

Represented by his associate, Prophet Asonibare Ayomide, and PA Mr. Deji Ogunbusuyi, Prophet Sam Olu Alo highlighted the essence of the annual initiative aimed at bringing joy and hope to the beneficiaries, empowering youths, and aiding financially constrained students in their educational pursuits.

Reflecting on societal challenges, Prophet Sam Olu Alo underscored the pivotal role of love, emphasizing the need for unity among diverse religious groups.

He accentuated that fostering empathy and compassion transcends religious divides and is fundamental to improving lives across the nation.

Moreover, the clergyman stressed the importance of combatting selfishness and advocating responsible resource allocation to nurture future generations in alignment with positive values.

Responding to the role of gospel teachings in addressing socio-economic issues, the cleric delineated that poverty isn’t inherently tied to religion.

He advocated for proactive actions, suggesting that while spirituality is crucial, individuals must also actively seek employment opportunities, encouraging engagement in sectors like agriculture to combat poverty effectively.

Prophet Sam Olu Alo remarked, “If we can cultivate a spirit of love and shun selfishness while utilizing our resources judiciously, this country will witness tremendous growth. It’s not about religion, it’s about humanity. Together, by supporting one another, we can transform our nation.”

The event served as a platform for urging well-off individuals to support the less privileged and emphasized the pivotal role of love, empathy, and responsible resource management in achieving holistic national development.

Addressing the attendees, Miss Adetona Moyinoluwa, a beneficiary and student of Christ’s Girls School, Ado-Ekiti, expressed gratitude for the benevolence extended by Prophet Sam Olu Alo, praying for continuous blessings upon him and his ministry.

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