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Russian president, Vladimir Putin now wearing bulletproof vests amid assassination fears

Russian president, Vladimir Putin is reportedly now using bulletproof vests for many of his public appearances amid fears he could face an assassination bid linked to his war in Ukraine or from Islamic terrorists...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Two Russian officials plus a source close to the Kremlin told The Moscow Times that the country’s special services ‘have ramped up the already strict security measures surrounding President Vladimir Putin to an unprecedented degree’.

The Kremlin is on ‘heightened alert over its invasion of Ukraine – but is also said to be ‘rattled’ by recent attacks on high-ranking politicians in Europe and Asia.

A Russian source told the news outlet: ‘The Kremlin takes Vladimir Putin’s security very seriously. He is protected by a whole army of visible and invisible guards.’

The report claimed that the 71-year-old has been wearing body armour at outdoor events ‘since at least 2023’.

The report went on: ‘He has been doing so on the strong recommendation of the Presidential Security Service (SBP), a unit within the Federal Guard Service (FSO) that protects the president.’

Sources confirmed he wore the body armour beneath his jacket during a major appearance on May 9 on Red Square when he presided over the annual Victory Day military parade commemorating the Soviet victory over the Nazis in World War II, stated the report.

This is an event when his security is highly visible, and snipers are present on rooftops around the square.

Footage of him walking with ex-defence minister Sergei Shoigu appeared to show how he was made uncomfortable by the alleged body armour.

‘This year on May 9, the chief [Putin] was clearly wearing concealed body armour during the parade. And that precaution, I think, is necessary,’ said one official.

‘God protects the cautious,’ said a second.

The news outlet quoted Jade Miller, described as an independent British hostile environment and high-risk security consultant, who examined in detail footage of Putin at the Victory Day parade and concluded that he was indeed wearing a bulletproof vest.

‘Putin appears to be walking in a rather rigid manner and there are no natural creases appearing at the back of his overcoat when walking and shaking military personnel hands,’ said Miller.

His upper body frame ‘looks unnatural and his shoulders appear rather wide & square, showing no shape of the back and shoulder blades’.

At one point ‘a part of his overcoat appears to get caught under what could potentially be a ballistic vest’.

The day was unusually cold for the time of year, and many attendees had donned extra clothing.

But Putin ‘appears to lift and adjust his shoulders in a way that shows discomfort from how a ballistic vest is designed to sit on the shoulders or collarbone,’ she concluded.

The weight of such body armour may cause discomfort and irritation when worn for a prolonged time.

The British expert concluded Putin kept his overcoat fastened up high and was ‘seen checking that it is closed, as though he is trying to ensure no one can see an undergarment’.

She concluded: ‘In my professional opinion, Putin is wearing some form of ballistic protection during his time attending the parade’.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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