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Sanusi Lamido ‘There Was A Day I Was Called By The Finance Minister & She Needed A 100 Billion’




Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, has emphasized the significance of abiding by the law and not putting pressure on the governor to break it.

He related a story from his time as a governor, citing a situation in which the finance minister asked for a large sum. Under duress, he declined to go over the budgetary cap, stressing the importance of abiding by the law. Additionally, he contended that the governor of the Central Bank ought to uphold the law and that specific issues ought to be managed within its bounds.

He said in a speech reported by Channels TV, ”You don’t ask the Central Bank governor to break the law but if the Central Bank has broken it, you have the National Assembly. The reason you have the protection for the governor of the bank is exactly so he can say No. We were all asked when we were governors to bring money.

There was a day I was called by the finance minister and she needed a 100 billion. And she called me and said she had spoken to Tunde Elemo and he said she should speak to me. And I said why, we have reached our limit. And I said so what do you want me to do? Break the law? And at the end, we just agree that we have done our interim audit and we know how much we are going to pay you as dividends this year. And we agreed to give them an interim dividend in advance. The Finance Minister understood that this is the law and the Central Bank governor is not supposed to break it.”

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