Savio Comedy Calls Out Sparkle Tee Over Unreleased Album

Savio Comedy Calls Out Sparkle Tee Over Unreleased Album...Continue The Full Reading.

Popular comedian Savio Comedy, also known as Nwa Otu Onitsha, has taken to social media to call out singer Sparkle Tee for failing to release a promised album.

Savio Comedy, known for his witty humor, took a more serious tone, saying, “Sparkle Tee, my guy, you dropped ‘Tricks’ and we loved it! But what happened to the album you promised us? We’re still waiting!”

Sparkle Tee’s hit single “Tricks” was a massive success, and fans have been eagerly anticipating a full-length album. Savio Comedy’s call-out has sparked a conversation about the importance of following through on promises and meeting fans’ expectations.

As the music industry watches, Sparkle Tee’s response remains awaited. Will he finally drop the album, or will Savio Comedy’s call-out go unheeded? Only time will tell!...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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