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Senator Shehu Sani Responds to video of a pupils asking for thunder to strike Nigeria greedy leaders

After responding to a video of a Nigerian school student pleading for thunder to hit Nigeria’s avaricious politicians during a debate, former senator, dramatist, and human rights advocate Shehu Sani stunned Nigerians and social media users.

In a video posted to Twitter, or X, the small child was heard bemoaning the state of affairs and asserting that “starvation, hunger, and premature death are the order of the day.”

The boy then went to ask for thunder to strike and eliminate all greedy leaders, so Nigeria can have peace.

Reacting after seeing the video of the school pupil asking for thunder to strike Nigeria greedy leaders, Senator Shehu Sani tweeted: “Impressive”

This reaction from Senator Shehu Sani has attracted reactions from Nigerians and social media users, as some have commended the young boy, while some have claimed a lot of Nigerians cannot talk like the boy in public.…CONTINUE FULL READING>>> 

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