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Seven Natural ways to reduce your blood sugar level

EAT RIGHT : Having a balanced Meal of (Protein, Fat and Carbs) will naturally balance your blood sugar level as it all boils down to nourishing your metabolism so that it can function optimally...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

AVOID PROCESSED FOODS : Eating foods high in sugar contributes to blood sugar spikes. When you have that block of chocolate or sugary snack, you push your body to burn sugar for energy, rather than fat, leading to an increase in insulin

EAT YOUR GREENS : As always, the star of the show is an abundance of leafy green vegetables ! B vitamins are especially important for glucose metabolism, so making sure you have enough of these in your diet will help.

LIMIT CAFFEINE & SUGAR : Not over doing caffeine will not only help regulate your blood sugar, but will also help keep your anxiety in check.

STICK TO A REGULAR EATING SCHEDULE: Eating well balanced meal at regular interval is one of the best and easiest way to feel better this time.


GET ENOUGH SLEEP: As much as we know our daily activities can be overwhelming, it is important to try as much to manage stress as well as get sufficient sleep

INCLUDE STRETCHES & WALKS : I understand that we might not have all the time in but it’s still important to take out time to talk walks often.

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