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Simon Ekpa Makes Fresh Revelation About Boko Haram’s Founder; Mentions VP Shettima In Allegation




Biafra agitator, Simon Ekpa on Thursday morning made a weighty allegation against Vice President Kashim Shettima, describing him as ‘the founder of Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram’.

Ekpa’s far-fetched claim has garnered massive attention as at the time of filing this report, leaving many people agog.

Noting that he (Shettima) spoke about an endless war with Biafra, Ekpa said he is advising the VP to withdraw such a statement to avoid several consequences.

In his words: “Dear Shettima the Boko Haram founder, Shettima should be informed quickly that Nigeria will soon vanish from world history.

“The Biafran Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of Arm Forces Simon Ekpa has cultivated and has met with every international standard with high recognition to lead and reign to bring about an unchallengable Sovereignty.

“Simon has set parameters that had brought end to Nigeria. Shettima; If we engage you land to land, we crush you. If we engage you air to air, we burst the bobble, and if we angage you sea to sea, we sink you.

“You spoke about endless war with Biafra. This is indignity to the youngest military in the world with a tremendous military might.

“I advised you to withdraw such a statement to avoid several consequences. Simon has an insurrection act to deploy the military to crush and quench every aggression against Biafrans.”

Recall that Mr Phrank Shuaibu, an aide to former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, had also accused Shettima of aiding and abetting Boko Haram insurgents during his tenure as governor of Borno.

But, Professor Ishaq Akintola, Executive Director, MURIC said in a statement in Abuja that the allegations were false, malicious, odious and insidious.

“We are confounded both by the weight and intensity of these allegations, particularly against a sitting vice president. They are false, malicious, odious and insidious. They are simply lies from the pit of Jahannam.

“Somebody must have locked the medulla oblongata of Shaibu and thrown the key away, otherwise he would not turn the pages of history upside down the way he has just done. How could any rational being accuse VP Shettima of aiding Boko Haram?”...PROCEED.FULL.READING._UWT>

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