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‘Simple’ food storage hack revives ‘soft vegetables’ that have ‘lost their crunch’



Vegetables such as cucumber, celery and carrots can quickly go from crunchy and juicy to soft and limp in the fridge.

The reason vegetables turn soft in the fridge is because moisture has been pulled out of them by dry air in the fridge.

Rather than throwing vegetables away, homeowners can simply “revive” their cucumbers, carrots, celery and peppers by using a simple food hack.

Jamie Crummie, co-founder of the world’s largest surplus food app Too Good To Go, has shared his food storage hack for reviving “soft vegetables”.

He said: “Certain vegetables like cucumber, celery or carrots can go soft and lose their crunch if left for a while.

“To avoid this, simply chop into sticks and place in a jar of cold water in your fridge (make sure it’s airtight!).

“Just remember to change the water every day or so to maintain the freshness.

“This hack also works to revive vegetables that have already softened!”

Reviving food rather than throwing to away saves money and also helps to prevent food waste.

The expert also claimed Britons should not be storing their potatoes in the fridge but in cupboards.

Shockingly, almost one in five are storing potatoes in the fridge which can cause potatoes to turn sweeter and darker.

Instead, potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark place in a paper bag to help preserve freshness and stop them from turning green.

Onions and potatoes should not be stored together as the onions can make potatoes go bad more quickly.

Onions should never be stored with other root vegetables.

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