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Simple tricks to remove under eye circles

The reason why the skin beneath our eyes turns black is often an unhealthy lifestyle, lacking enough sleep and hydration...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Although, some people deal with this problem despite sleeping a lot and drinking enough water. For some people, it’s just unlucky genetics that is behind this problem.

The only problem: most people aren’t aware of this inexpensive and easy solution.

So, what is the magic solution to dark circles?
It’s the humble potato!

Yes! It’s indeed possible to cure dark circles with a potato. The secret behind this is a mix of useful properties that the potato offers your skin. Potatoes are rich not only in vitamins but are also known for their anti-aging properties and for being naturally cool. This cooling effect is particularly helpful in reducing the swelling around the eyes.

First of all: You should use a regular potato. Sweet or red potatoes are not suitable for this purpose. Once you have decided which potato to use for your skin treatment, then make sure it’s properly cleaned with water. After all, nobody wants dirt on his or her skin!

How to apply
Just like in cooking, there are various ways to get the best out of the potato. Let’s see what options you have for getting rid of dark circles.

Make a thin slice and place it right beneath the eye; but do not let the juice of the potatoes get into your eyes, as this can be quite irritating and will ruin your experience.

Grate the potato, then place some of the them in a handkerchief and place this potato pocket beneath your eyes. This works particularly well as the potato releases more of its beneficial compounds if grated first.

Make sure to apply the potato treatment for around 15 minutes and repeat this procedure daily. Only with regularity, you can achieve great results!

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