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Since fuel subsidy was removed, the 3 tiers of govt have been sharing over ₦1tn a month – According to Femi Falana




Senior Nigerian attorney Femi Falana has expressed worries on the elimination of fuel subsidies.

Falana said in a recent interview with Channels TV that the federal, state, and local levels of government have continuously shared at least one trillion naira every month since the fuel subsidy was eliminated in May of last year.

Falana emphasized the substantial financial impact by pointing out that in June of last year, the amount divided reached 1.9 trillion naira. He maintained that the government should reinvest in the people given such large advantages.

In Falana’s words: “Since fuel subsidy was removed, the 3 tiers of government have been sharing over 1 trillion naira a month. In fact, in June last year, the amount shared was 1.9 trillion naira.

In December last year, the amount shared was 1.7 trillion naira. So if the three tiers of government have gained maximally from the removal of subsidy, they owe it a duty to go back to the people” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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