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Soul winning Is Not For Pastors, Evangelists, Ordained Workers, It’s A Call For All Of Us



In a lecture titled “Praise For Ceaseless Harvest-Part 2,” Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the senior pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries, counseled people to participate in soul winning as a way to experience endless harvest.……CONTINUE READING>>>

According to him, “Soul winning is sharing the Gospel of Jesus with sinners, allowing the Holy Spirit to convict that sinner in order to become a saint and established in the Kingdom. I said, it’s sharing the Gospel of God’s love with sinners, allowing the Holy Spirit to convict them in order to become saints of God and established in His Kingdom.”

He added, “Soul winning is not for pastors, evangelists, ordained workers etcetera, it’s a call for all of us, it . ‘Oh! I’m not a pastor’. Soul-winning is for everybody. In Mark 16:15, He didn’t say: ‘Go ye pastors’. John 15:16. He said: ‘I have chosen you to go and win souls’. So, it’s not something you say: ‘I like to do it’. It’s compulsory otherwise you are not a Christian.”

He further said, “God said I have chosen you, this is what I chose you for. You don’t tell your employer what you will do in the office, he tells you: ‘This is the assignment’. Are you getting what I’m saying? God said: ‘This is My purpose, go and win souls’.”

Finally, he said, “You can’t tell God: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘No’! That’s not correct. I hear people say: ‘Well I’m not a pastor, so this one is for pastors’. Soul winning is for all. It is a duty to be done by all, begin now to be a part of it.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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