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Sowore “Curses On INEC Chairman Won’t And Don’t Work, Don’t Waste Your Time As Youths”



Omoyele Sowore, the Nigerian activist and founder of Sahara Reporters, took to Twitter to address the futile nature of cursing the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). In his tweet, Sowore cautioned against wasting time and energy on such actions, labeling them as ineffective and embarrassing endeavors.……CONTINUE READING>>>

Sowore’s statement directly targeted Nigerian youths who have resorted to cursing the INEC Chairman as a form of protest or expression of dissatisfaction. He urged them to redirect their efforts towards more impactful actions if they genuinely desire change in their situation.

His message reflects a broader sentiment among some segments of Nigerian society who believe in the need for constructive and strategic approaches to effecting change rather than resorting to futile or symbolic gestures.

Sowore’s influence and reputation as a vocal advocate for political and social change in Nigeria lend weight to his statement. His past involvement in activism and journalism has positioned him as a prominent figure in the country’s socio-political landscape.

The tweet sparked discussions on social media platforms, with many users expressing agreement with Sowore’s viewpoint. Some commended his pragmatic approach to activism, emphasizing the importance of channeling energy into actions that yield tangible results.

However, it also attracted criticism from those who view cursing and similar acts as legitimate forms of protest or expressions of frustration within the democratic process.

Sowore’s message underscores the ongoing dialogue within Nigerian society regarding the most effective means of civic engagement and activism in the pursuit of socio-political change.

Read his post below:

He said: “Curses on @inecnigeria Chairman won’t and don’t work, don’t waste your time as “youths” embarking on these embarrassing escapades of actions that have zero impact. If you want to change your situation, GIDDY UP, #TaKEITBACK! Engage in mass action! #RevolutionNow. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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