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Sowunmi said. “You can not have what happened In Imo State, 27/27, like Hope Uzodinma is a darling of everybody”




Former Ogun State governorship candidate Segun Sowunmi has voiced concerns over Governor Hope Uzodinma’s resounding victory in all 27 Local Government Areas (LGAs) during the Imo State governorship election.

During an interview with Channels TV, Sowunmi said the credibility of an election process is crucial to ensure that the winner truly feels they have earned their victory and the runner-up understands that they fell short.

He said the outcome of the Imo election where all 27 LGAs reportedly favored Governor Uzodinma was highly improbable. He also condemned the role of “militancy” and the alleged excessive use of government power structures during the election.

In Sowunmi’s words: “You can’t have what happened in Imo State, 27/27, like Hope Uzodinma is such a darling of everybody. Like you didn’t see all the militancy and the excessive use of structures of government powers—you are shooting at our candidate, you are shooting at his driver. We should be embarrassed for ourselves”

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