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Style expert shares how women can look younger in seconds – but it might surprise you



When it comes to looking younger, mature women have plenty of options. From skincare to makeup to hair transformations, there are plenty of anti-ageing techniques out there.

One expert suggested that a wardrobe revamp can work wonders, taking years off a lady’s age.

Deirdre, fashion influencer for the over 50s, spoke exclusively to about how women can look younger in seconds with a few style techniques.

The style guru runs 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, a YouTube channel with almost 60,000 subscribers.

Deirdre previously provided some tips exclusively for’s female readers on how they can maintain a youthful look over 50.

Having said this, Deirdre’s latest anti-ageing style tip might surprise you. It’s all about confidence when dressing, rather than dressing for your age, she suggested.

The influencer told ladies: “Don’t think of your age when you are getting dressed! If you can honestly stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself wearing an outfit and think to yourself, ‘Yesss, this makes me feel good and I love how I look in this’, then, girl – go for it!”

There’s no such thing as an outfit for a 30-year-old and an outfit for a 70-year-old.

Deirdre concluded: “Above all, be true to yourself. Wear what makes you feel happy and comfortable – this will shine through and give you a naturally youthful air.”

For those who are very happy with their wardrobe but still think they could take a few years off, perhaps it’s time to look inside your makeup bag?

Try one beauty influencer’s blusher technique which “lifts the face” – you will look “more youthful” too.

Check out 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre for the ultimate fashion tips for over 50s women.

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