Super Falcon’s Asisat Oshoala Makes History Again

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are gearing up for their upcoming matches with a stylish refresh—brand-new jerseys courtesy of sportswear giant Nike! Unveiled recently, the 2024 football kits mark a return to white as the home team’s primary colour, a change from the last three years.

The home jersey features a clean white base, a colour symbolic of unity and peace. However, it doesn’t lack character. Subtle green and white stripes adorn the sleeves and shorts, echoing the colours of the Nigerian flag. A faded eagle design takes centre stage on the front, a symbol of national pride and strength.

Interestingly, the inscription “Naija” replaces the usual Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) crest. This added a touch of informality and a nod to the country’s slang term.

OFFICIAL: Nigeria’s new home kits

— Soar Super Eagles (@SSE_NGA) March 18, 2024

The away kit, on the other hand, stays true to tradition. It’s a bold display of the iconic Nigerian green, a colour associated with hope and renewal. The familiar Nigerian Football Federation logo takes its rightful place on the front, solidifying the team’s identity.

This shift in the home jersey’s colour scheme is a noteworthy one. It signifies a fresh start and a renewed sense of purpose for the Super Eagles. The white base could also be interpreted as a blank canvas, ready to be filled with victories and achievements in the upcoming matches.

The 2024 football kits are expected to be seen in action on March 22nd, when the Super Eagles face off against Ghana. Another match against Mali in Marrakech, Morocco, will follow this.

With these exciting games on the horizon, football fans are eager to see their national team sporting the new kits and soaring to new heights.

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