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Surrogate Mother Cries For Help As Baby’s Family Returns 1 Year After Rejecting Child Due To Divorce

A surrogate mother who’s currently in a dilemma has taken to social media to seek advice from  Nigerians. The lady revealed how she carried a baby for a rich couple who unexpectedly divorced after she gave birth. They both refused to take the baby at the time but one year later, they resolved their issues and are now demanding the child.

The lady identified as @chelsea_lugard on TikTok narrated that the couple had refused to take the baby after she gave birth because they had serious marital issues.  According to her, the couple even went to the extent of divorcing after she gave birth and none of them agreed to take the baby from her. 

She noted that she took care of the baby herself because the money they paid her only lasted three months. After bonding with the baby for one year, the couple came back together and now wanted their baby but she has no plans of returning the child.

She has pleaded for advice from  NIGERIANS, asking them what she should do.

She wrote:

“I am a surrogate mother I helped a very rich couple birth a baby. Something happened and they got divorced after birthing the child. Neither of them wanted the child anymore. I and the baby survived on the remains of the money they paid me. Wasn’t even enough to go for 3 months But we strived. “I bonded so well with the child Cus we do practically everything together and in the same space. The couple are back together after a year and they want their child. I love her so much & I can’t let go.”


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