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TapSwap: Tappers panic as platform’s socials redirect to Nigerian blog - UTWEETS
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TapSwap: Tappers panic as platform’s socials redirect to Nigerian blog

Amidst the expectations from the viral crypto-mining platform TapSwap, some users have been thrown in fear as the platform’s socials redirect to a Nigerian blog...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

It is worth noting that Nigerians invested time into mining the cryptocurrency by tapping their screen since the buzz began.

However, amidst the anticipation for its launch and rewards, some Tapswap users noticed suspicious activity on their platform via their official telegram page.

As part of the daily earning activities, users were urged to follow the TapSwap social media account via a button provided on the app.

Unfortunately, both buttons redirected to a Nigerian blog site, triggering fear among users.

A social media user identified as @iam_fantom wrote, “You sure say no be naija yahoo boys get this TapSwap? God abeg o.”

activeplayboi noted: “It seems they are using us to gain traffic.”

Frekee_D added: “I ran to Twitter when I saw it. It’s over, we’ve been scammed .”

silvermilliie opined: “Since when they postpone launch I don dey get double thought about tapswap.”

Jamietoms_ noted: “I been see am this morning. I kon Dey wonder. My mind no kuku Dey there again.”

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