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Technocrat Praises Kwara Government For Including Women In The Civil Service




Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has been lauded for being an effective advocate for the rights of women through his support for their inclusion in the Kwara State Civil Service.

A seasoned technocrat and former Chairperson of the Governing Council, National Centre for Women Development, Hajiya Habibat Salman Saidu, stated this on Monday while featuring on Geri FM’s weekly programme in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

The former Special Adviser on Women Affairs to the former Kwara State Governor, specifically commended the Governor for his firm belief in the capacities of women and their strive for excellence, prompting home to give his support to help hardworking, diligent, effective, proactive, and seasoned women to get into top positions in the State.

She said: “We’re lucky in Kwara State that we have a governor whose focus is towards the female gender. He believes so much in women’s abilities and achievements. It is that belief, coupled with the will of the Almighty Allah that earned me the position of Permanent Secretary in his administration.

“Left to the civil service itself, I may not have attained it, but for the governor and his belief, I’m women’s ability and capacity. Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq believes in winning; hence, he searches for hardworking, diligent, effective, proactive, and seasoned women and that is why I am where I am today.”

Saidu, who is about to retire as a permanent secretary in the Kwara State Civil Service in a few days, further stressed that gender discrimination in the Kwara State Civil Service is practically nonexistent as Women have equal opportunities as their male colleagues.

In her words: “There is no gender discrimination in Kwara State Civil service. No woman can complain that she is denied an opportunity based on her gender unless and except if she’s not a hardworking civil servant or is not diviningly destined to be one. You can even be in a better position than your male colleagues. Most importantly, Almighty Allah rewards hardworking people.”

Hajiya Saidu urged civil servants to deploy diplomacy in the discharge of their duties in order to achieve the desired result, contribute to the beauty of governance, and serve humanity in that capacity.

She said: “Diplomacy is a viable skill to be applied in order to attain excellence. This has been very crucial in my life as a civil servant, and I urge civil servants to be diplomatic in order to get their work done perfectly.”

Habibat, a Princess of the ancient city of Ilorin, disclosed that diplomacy has been a trait she had learned from her childhood living as a daughter of the palace, adding that it is the tool deployed in palaces to manage and interact with people of different social classes.

“I started my administrative journey from my family background as a daughter of two Royal families, who grew up with my late grandmother, Nana Asmau Buhari who was married to Baba Oloko- ile, the most prominent and revered late Balogun Gambari of Ilorin. One must learn diplomacy to ease interactions with and administrate people of different classes and stratifications.

“You must tolerate people and must be a role model for your birth and to everyone. You get people to listen to you and do what you want. I always believe that I have a moral standard to portray, maintain, and sustain as a Muslim, as a daughter of the palace, as a wife, mother, mentor, and example to womenfolks who must be seen and emulated as dedicated, diligent, committed, resourceful, proactive, truthful, trusted, resilience achiever in a chosen career,” she said.

She eulogized Governor AbdulRazaq for the appointment and the opportunity given her to serve in the capacity of a permanent secretary, while also lauding all those who were instrumental to her appointment as a civil servant, and most importantly those who are part of her success story.

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