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The day Ironsi changed Nigeria from Federal to Unitary Govt was when it started going down-According to Ajomale



otunba In an interview with The Guardian, Henry Dele Ajomale—a lawyer, technocrat, former Commissioner for Special Duties, and the immediate past chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Lagos State—discussed a variety of topics, including the status of the country.……CONTINUE READING>>>

When he was assessing the state of the nation, he claimed that it has so many edges, and people have to understand that the country has faced serious challenges over the years. But, both the military governments and civilian governments should be blamed for the country’s crisis.

He said, “The day Aguiyi-Ironsi changed Nigeria from Federal to Unitary Government; that was when it started going down. We just have to start the building of what Nigeria was supposed to be and what Nigeria is going to be!”

Further talking, he said that successive governments; both military and civilian, have bastardised the country, and they have balkanised it too. He alleged that the country needs someone to repair it now, and that is the last hope that we have.

Dele Ajomale said, “We need someone who is courageous, bold and strong to lead this nation now; otherwise, we are working towards /a failed state.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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