The Govs Say They Can’t pay ₦62,000 Sadly, It’s The Truth, Some Are Even Yet to Pay ₦30,000-Analyst, Ezediaro

The minimum wage impasse continues as governors insist, they cannot pay the proposed N62,000, despite organized labour’s demands for an increase from the current N30,000. Chukwuma Ezediaro, a lawyer and public affairs analyst, has weighed in on the issue, acknowledging that some states have failed to pay even the current minimum wage, despite federal allocations...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In a recent interview with Arise News, Ezediaro noted that during the last administration, funds were released for salary payments, but some states still failed to pay.

In his words;

“The Governors say they can’t pay N62,000 and sadly that is the truth because even the N30,000. There are number of states that haven’t paid and are not paying N30,000. Even during the last administration, money was released for the payment of these salaries, some states still managed or found a way not to pay”

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