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'The hip is weird' - Ngozi Ezeonu's recent appearance sparks conversations - UTWEETS

‘The hip is weird’ – Ngozi Ezeonu’s recent appearance sparks conversations

Ngozi Ezeonu Veteran Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeonu has elicited reactions from social media users over her recent appearance...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The veteran actress appeared considerably slimmer in an image that has gone viral online.

In the photo that has surfaced, Ngozi Ezeonu looked younger in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, with her hips noticeably larger than usual.

Concerned social media users suggested that she might be experiencing a health issue due to her age hence her sudden loss of weight. Some claimed she was wearing a hip pad or that she had undergone surgery to enhance her figure.

Others, however, defended her, claiming that since some people lose weight as they age, that may have been the cause of her recent appearance.

Undergoing body enhancement surgeries to put one in shape is currently on the rise in Nigeria especially among female celebrities.

They either do liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) to give them wider hips and slimmer waists. Some also inject collagen fillers among others to prevent ageing.

Check out comments here

Jane Xtra: “She’s just healthy! She’s ageless and beautiful

Nony Eodu: “The hip is weird

Jane Xtra: “I know it looks like she did surgery, but she didn’t. She’s still beautiful

Onyi99: “She’s ageing beautifully, but who give mummy hip pad and didn’t fix it well

Official, Cherish Matur: “Old age comes with weight loss in some people. Nothing is wrong with her

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