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The longest straight road in the world was built for a special reason

The longest straight road in the world was built for a special reason...Continue The Full Reading.

There are two types of drivers – those who value the simplicity and peace of driving straight ahead, and those who after a few kilometres start looking for challenges in the form of turns.

It may be interesting for them to answer the question of where the longest straight road sections in the world are located.

You might assume that we would find such sections in the United States, due to its famous long, straight roads, or in Australia, known for its vast, open spaces.

However, the record holder is a road originally built as a private route for the king – Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia, which was named the longest straight road in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

For a long time, this title belonged to the Eyre Highway in Australia, built in the 1940s. This road is known for its long straight sections and long distances between gas stations. The longest straight section on this route measured 146.6 km.

However, for some time now the record holder has been the previously mentioned highway No. 10 in Saudi Arabia, also known as the Desert Road or King Fahd Road, built on the initiative of and for King Fahd.

This highway connects Al Batha, near the border with the United Arab Emirates, and Haradh. The straight section of this road is approximately 260 km long and is mainly used for petrochemical transport, which means that there is heavy traffic on it, as well as the number of police patrols who ensure compliance with the speed limit of 120 km/h....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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