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The man Of God Used To Quench Battle Of Feud Between White Garment Church & Pastor David Ibiyeomie:

When asked what drive you to enter into such sensitive matter : The cleric in his sincerity said He was driven by Holy Spirit as a religion in Nigeria we have lots already in our hands....CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>

The Wisdom Bank- Clergyman God used to Quench Feud Battle Between Pastor Ibeyiomie & White Garment Church has secretly quenched the feud finally.

The recent upprour causing stirred in the internet and resentment between the two denominations has received intercession from one Popular priest whose name are also referred as High Tension fearless and Indefatigable Cleric Snr Apostle Nwachukwu .

Snr Apostle Nwachukwu founder Stars of Heaven Ministries have taken the bullet on-behalf of Pastor David Ibeyeomie to Snr Prophet Gabriel Evans of a popular white garment church commander as the Snr Apostle Nwachukwu intervened with necessary visit and Apologies to rest the feud escalating.

The state of the nation at this time doesn’t required such exchange or threat to life within a religion exclusively disrespected at the Apex office He added.

Nigeria’s society are indeed, experiencing heartbroken psychic , Cries and leveled poverty Capital of the world.

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