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‘There Are Two Options Left For The People Whose Seats Has Been Lost’ – According to Fyneface Dumnamene




In response to the political unrest in Rivers state, public affairs expert Fyneface Dumnamene claimed that the legislators had two choices now that the 27 seats had been legally declared empty. He said they might wait for the next election that INEC holds to fill those seats, or they could file a lawsuit.

He also voiced worries about the crisis’ negative effects on the people of Rivers State and the high expense of reconstruction following the state assembly building’s destruction.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”Edison Ehie has taken over as the Speaker of the state assembly. And now he has declared the seat of the 27 lawmakers vacant by law. There are two options left for the people whose seat has been lost. Either they go to court or wait for the next election.

When INEC will conduct an election to put people in that seat. And then you have a message that is sent by the governor to the minister as a result of his birthday celebration.

He was able to present the 2024 appropriation bill to the state assembly of over 800 billion naira. In all of this, it is the people of Rivers State that are suffering and bearing the brunt. Starting from the state assembly that has been brought down, that building is going to cost us a huge amount of money that would have been used for development in Rivers state.”

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