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This man impregnated a woman and hid it from his wife; now he must choose between his wife and his pregnant girlfriend

A 47-year-old man from Burutu LGA in Delta State is deeply troubled by an ongoing battle with his wife. The conflict erupted after his wife discovered that he allegedly impregnated his girlfriend. Although he vehemently denies the accusation, the news of the pregnancy has caused significant strife in their household...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

According to the wife, her husband has been neglecting his family for a long time, squandering his monthly salary on various women while his wife and children suffer. She claims that he has been involved with multiple women, showing little regard for his responsibilities at home. This pattern of behavior has been a source of distress for the family, but the news of the pregnancy was the last straw for her.

Desperate for answers and a solution, the wife sought help from Dr. Ibezim Ejiofor, a spiritual advisor, by visiting his spiritual home and calling +234, 912168, 6006. During her visit, she explained the troubling situation to Dr. Ibezim, emphasizing her husband’s abandonment of his family duties. Dr. Ibezim suggested that the husband might be under a demonic influence from one of the women he has been involved with. He advised the wife to tread cautiously, especially if she confirmed the pregnancy.

The wife told Dr. Ibezim that her husband’s actions have left her with no choice but to demand that he choose between her and the pregnant girlfriend. She issued a stern warning that if the pregnant girlfriend is seen around their home, one of them would die. Additionally, she insisted that her husband hand over his entire salary to her each month until she is satisfied with his commitment to their family.

The situation escalated to the point where the husband disappeared. His phone is switched off, and his whereabouts are unknown. There are strong indications that he might have traveled with the pregnant girlfriend to an undisclosed location to escape the fallout at home. This disappearance has left the wife and children in a state of anxiety and confusion.

Efforts by the husband’s family members to mediate and resolve the situation have been unsuccessful. The couple’s two daughters have taken a firm stand in support of their mother, which has further complicated matters. In a desperate move, they even went to their father’s workplace to report his behavior to his immediate boss, hoping to apply additional pressure on him.

Now, the husband finds himself in a state of great confusion and fear. He cannot return home due to the hostile environment and the threats from his wife. At the same time, he is struggling to manage his life with the pregnant girlfriend in secrecy. The burden of the situation is overwhelming, and he is desperately seeking advice on how to navigate this complex and volatile situation.

If you are in a similar situation or know someone who is, seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor might provide some clarity and direction. For those who can relate to this troubling scenario or need spiritual help, Dr. Ibezim Ejiofor can be reached at +234, 912168, 6006. Your call could be the first step towards resolving your crisis and finding a path forward.

This story serves as a reminder of the profound impact that personal choices and actions can have on one’s family and relationships. It underscores the importance of responsibility, honesty, and the need to address issues before they spiral out of control. The husband in this story is now facing the consequences of his actions, and the path to resolution will require careful consideration and possibly spiritual intervention....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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