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Though many village girls are spiritually possessed, my intention was to employ her as a sales girl, not to marry her

During a birthday party in March 2024, a young businessman from Enugu State, now residing in Lagos, expressed deep appreciation for his wife. He spoke highly of her, sharing an unexpected journey that led to their marriage...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The husband began his tribute by revealing that his initial intention was not to make her his wife when he brought her from the village. His original plan was to position her as a sales assistant in his business while he sought another woman to marry. She was meant to be both a sales girl and a housemaid. However, her exceptional character changed everything.

Despite his original plans, he was impressed by her behavior and character, which made him reconsider his intentions. Concerned about the spiritual well-being of many village girls, he prayed over her and consulted various pastors and prophets. Each one assured him that she was indeed a wife material and encouraged him to marry her instead of pursuing another unknown woman.

Still seeking confirmation, he visited Dr. Ibezim’s spiritual home, known for its reliable divination. As soon as he started speaking, Dr. Ibezim surprised him by addressing his concerns immediately. Dr. Ibezim told him that the woman he already had was better than any other he could find and advised him to marry her.

Convinced by this guidance, he decided to stop searching and devoted himself to Christina, who would become his better half. Six months later, he went to the village to inform her parents of his intention to marry her. Initially, they didn’t believe him because men who left the village rarely returned to marry village girls. Nevertheless, they applauded his good intentions but were skeptical about its fulfillment.

When asked to choose a wedding date, he confidently picked May 23rd. True to his word, he fulfilled his promise and married his lovely wife. Today, God has blessed them with wonderful children.

For spiritual guidance and advice, call Dr. Ibezim at +234, 912168, 6006.

He advised other women to remain humble and disciplined if given similar opportunities. He emphasized that God can bless anyone through any means, and the pursuit of material things often hinders marital success. He believes that his wife was predestined to marry him, and he has never regretted a minute of their life together....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

For spiritual guidance and advice, call Dr. Ibezim at +234, 912168, 6006.

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