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Tinted vehicles are nightmares to us because you Don’t see people in it & they could be armed – According to Disu




In a recent interview with Silverbird TV, Rivers State Police Commissioner Olatunji Disu discussed the problem of automobiles with tinted windows.

Expressing security concerns, Disu referred to tinted vehicles as “nightmares” for law enforcement agencies. He emphasized the inherent challenge that tinted windows pose as they obscure visibility into the vehicle, making it difficult to assess potential threats.

He highlighted the risk that individuals inside tinted vehicles could be armed and pose a danger to security personnel. Drawing a direct link between tinted vehicles and criminal activities, he stated that these vehicles are associated with various crimes

In Disu’s words: “Tinted vehicles are nightmares to us because you don’t see people in it and they could be armed, ready to shoot you, you could not see them. So seeing vehicles tinted are giving us a lot of problems and we have discovered that tinted glasses vehicles are linked to a lot of crimes.

So as much as possible we want to discourage people from tinting their glasses. I don’t know what you get to gain by tinting, apart from aesthetics. Even if you are kidnapped and put in the vehicle, we will not know, you will just pass police checking point and move around freely till where they take you to”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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