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Tinubu And I Suffered Together In The Past So He’ll Understand My Views On Restructuring – According to Olu Falae – Awardnobs




HRM Oba Oluyemi Falae, who goes by the titles Olu Abo of Ilu-Oba and Baba Oba of Akure Kingdom, recently spoke with The Sun. He is well-known for his significant political career, having served as a former Minister of Finance, Secretary to the Federal Government, and Presidential candidate. Falae has made a strong case for the restructuring of Nigeria under the new administration.

Oba Falae expressed his conviction that Nigeria should revert to the constitutional and political arrangement observed at independence, citing its historical success in fostering competitive development throughout the nation. He advocated for a return to the principles that characterized the early years of the country, highlighting the positive impact such an approach had on national progress.

Emphasizing the importance of restructuring, Oba Falae conveyed his belief that this paradigm shift would not only contribute to revitalizing the nation but also serve as a catalyst for development across diverse regions. His stance reflects a deep-seated commitment to revisiting foundational principles that have proven effective in the past.

In the interview, Oba Falae shared that the President is cognizant of his views on restructuring, emphasizing their shared history of advocating for these ideas in the past. Both men, he noted, have endured challenges in championing the cause of restructuring, indicating a personal investment in the principles they hold dear.

In his own words as seen in The Sun today…

“Restructuring means rearranging, redistributing powers and responsibilities and resources among the various levels of government and communities in Nigeria, such that most people will be happy, they will have employment, they will be safe in their country, they will have employment, the President understands this.”

“We were at the barricades together. We were tear gassed together by the Abacha government before I was locked up in prison and Tinubu was driven into exile. We both suffered for these ideas so he understands them as much as I do. And in any case, when he was governor of Lagos, he did try to implement some of those, for example, to generate electricity for the people of Lagos, that is part of the evolution I was talking about, which is the major element of restructuring.”

“So a man who understands restructuring, who has fought for it, who has suffered for it, and who has tried to implement it to some extent when he was governor, clearly is very well prepared to understand it and to do something about it because he knows the benefits of restructuring for the whole of the country.”

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