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Tinubu not Nigeria’s messiah, will struggle for second term – Primate Ayodele - UTWEETS
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Tinubu not Nigeria’s messiah, will struggle for second term – Primate Ayodele

The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Saturday, warned that President Bola Tinubu is not the messiah Nigeria needs...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

Primate Ayodele said Tinubu only came to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy but nothing much will happen to the country’s economy.

Addressing journalists in Lagos, the prophet also warned that Tinubu would have challenges contesting for a second term.

The prophet warned that state police are not the solution to Nigeria’s insecurity problems.

He noted that some politicians would use state police as a weapon to cause insecurity.

According to Ayodele: “Tinubu is not Nigeria’s messiah but only came to do one or two things, and what he came to do is to strengthen our democracy.

“Nothing much in the economy, we are still going to experience more hardship till 2025 and confusion in our economy.

“In the area of insecurity, the question is will there be anything special? We have good Service Chiefs but if they don’t improve their services, insecurity will continue.

“State police will not help our nation, it will even add to the troubles of insecurity, and as a matter of fact, some politicians will use it as a weapon to cause disorderliness in our security. So let’s suspend the issue of State police for now, it’s not the best idea.

“Tinubu will have a very tough and challenging time going for a second term. There will be so much pressure on him and he needs to look after his health.”

Speaking about the upcoming elections in Edo State, Primate Ayodele said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, will lose if Governor Godwin Obaseki fails to negotiate with the powers that be. Also The Full Video of The Article Is Here, Just Click For You To Look At

“If Obaseki does not negotiate with the powers that be, PDP will lose Edo disgracefully.

“Anambra: APC will lose Anambra State and give it back to Soludo,” he said…For More, CONTINUE THE FULL READING.:.

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