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Top 10 African countries that consume the least fuel daily

Many African countries rely heavily on crude oil to meet their energy needs, with some consuming significantly more than others...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In an earlier report about 10 African countries with the highest daily fuel consumption, we discussed how crude oil plays a big role in shaping the continent’s economy. While some countries see it as a major economic driver, others rely on it as their main energy source.

However, there are varying patterns of fuel consumption across African nations regardless of the benefits to a country. Some nations exhibit lower daily fuel consumption than others, and several factors contribute to this disparity, including population size and the availability of sustainable energy sources.

Many countries are realizing the importance of a sustainable energy future and are putting investments into renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and minimize environmental impact.

A recent report by Wisevoter reveals the top oil-consuming countries on the continent. Given that oil is traded and measured in barrels, it provides a metric to assess a country’s or the world’s consumption daily.…Continue The Full Reading.>’. 

Below are the top 10 African countries that consume the least fuel daily:

1 Comoros 1,300 Mbbl/d 185
2 Burundi 1,500 Mbbl/d 183
3 Western Sahara 1,700 Mbbl/d 180
4 Chad 2,200 Mbbl/d 177
5 Guinea-Bissau 2,500 Mbbl/d 176
6 Central African Republic 3,000 Mbbl/d 175
7 Eritrea 3,600 Mbbl/d 170
8 Eswatini 5,000 Mbbl/d 166
9 Lesotho 5,000 Mbbl/d 165
10 Equatorial Guinea 5,200 Mbbl/d 163

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