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Top Govt Official Accuses Kano Gov, Quits His Post

Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa has tendered his resignation as the Commander-General of Kano’s Hisbah Board, citing feelings of “discouragement” stemming from Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s remarks.

Daurawa expressed his disappointment with the governor’s comments, despite his dedicated efforts to uphold societal morality during his tenure with Hisbah.

In a video posted on his social media platform, Daurawa stated, “Presently, I am in Kaduna State, discussing with lawmakers, led by the Speaker, the implementation of mandatory pre-marital health checks in Kano, similar to other Nigerian states. However, I have encountered disheartening remarks from Kano, despite my endeavors with Hisbah to uphold societal morality.”

He continued, “I have actively engaged with figures in Kannywood and TikTok, providing guidance and even financial support to some TikTokers. I also offered counsel to Murja as well. Unfortunately, those who disregarded our guidance faced consequences. However, I extend my apologies to His Excellency the Governor for my frustration. Regrettably, I hereby tender my resignation from the position he bestowed upon me in Hisbah. I wish him success in his leadership.”

Governor Yusuf had expressed discontent with the approach of Hisbah’s ‘Operation Kau da Badala’ in various parts of the state. The operation aims to combat immorality and enforce discipline in line with Islamic principles.

During a meeting with Imams at the Kano Government House, the governor remarked, “I saw a video that greatly disturbed me. Individuals were apprehended and subjected to beatings with bamboo sticks, then forcibly loaded into vehicles like animals. This, in my opinion, is a significant error; it is wrong to treat adults in this manner.”

He continued, “Hisbah is an esteemed institution, and we appoint individuals who are devout and capable of fulfilling their duties in accordance with what is right. I urge agencies responsible for guiding youths onto the righteous path, especially Hisbah, to reassess their methods.”

Governor Yusuf emphasized, “The essence of establishing agencies like Hisbah is to promote righteousness and provide guidance to all stakeholders. We need to ensure that the right procedures are followed. These actions may inadvertently lead to disobedience among the youth, which is contrary to our intentions.”...CONTINUE FULL READING>>

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