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Top reasons Brits want to become homeowners – including to feel like a ‘grown up’



Renters want to own their own home so they can start a family, make a difference in the local community – and have space to grow their own fruit and veg. Research of 1,000 adults, who are saving to get on the property ladder, also revealed 14 percent would like more room to start their own business, in the hope of being their own boss one day.....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

And 19 percent would like to be able to foster or adopt their own pet, without having a landlord to worry about.

It also emerged one in three would simply like to “feel like a grown up”, and 15 percent want to create a wild space in their garden to do their bit for nature.

A spokesman from Shared Ownership Week, which commissioned the research, said: “The research has shown there are more reasons than you’d think as to why people would love to buy.

“It’s not simply a financial matter, of getting on the property ladder and knowing you’ve made a sound investment.

“Millions of renters have a desire to do good in their little corner of the world, which is a lot easier when you own it.”

The research also found over half of renters (55 percent) consider it difficult to truly settle in one area when they’re unable to get on the ladder there.

But 21 percent are having significant difficulties buying their first property, with another 46 percent having at least somewhat of a hard time.

And 43 percent feel they’ve not been able to make their current rental property feel like a home.

More than a fifth (22 percent) lament that they don’t have an outdoor space to call their own – and 19 percent feel held back in what they want to do in life, by not owning property.

On average, renters have been saving for just over four-and-a-half years, without being able to make that first step.

As a result, 76 percent go as far as to say buying their own home feels like “an impossible dream” – and 37 percent don’t believe buying a property is a realistic possibility, even in another five years.

Of those who are saving, 25 percent said it makes them feel miserable, while 22 percent are just annoyed, according to the figures.

Shared Ownership Week’s spokesman added: “In today’s housing market, getting on the property ladder may seem like a daunting task, but it’s absolutely achievable with the right guidance and resources.

“Becoming a homeowner is not just about having a place to call your own – it’s a milestone that signifies financial stability and a bright future.

“As the real estate market evolves, so do the opportunities for homeownership – there are lots of options, like shared ownership, that can help turn the dream into reality.”

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