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Toyota’s Land Cruiser returns with chunky looks and off-road tech



A new version of Toyota’s famous Land Cruiser has been announced, bringing plenty of off-road-focused features and a utilitarian new design.…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING>>>……CONTINUE READING>>>

Arriving 72 years after the release of the original, the new Land Cruiser uses a rugged body-on-frame construction which is 30 per cent more rigid than its predecessor. These changes should help to make the Land Cruiser more comfortable and responsive.

These revisions haven’t hampered wheel articulation, however, which is required for heavy-duty off-roading. It’s also the first Land Cruiser to use an electric power steering system, which helps to make the car more direct to drive at both greater and lower speeds.

Toyota Land Cruiser
Rugged materials are used inside

A disconnecting front anti-roll bar is also included on the new Land Cruiser. Activated by a switch on the dashboard, this feature allows the wheels even more articulation should a particularly challenging section of terrain present itself.

In the UK, the Land Cruiser will be powered by a 2.8-litre turbocharged diesel engine with 201bhp and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Toyota says that this will be joined by a mild-hybrid version in early 2025, too.

As with the previous version, the Land Cruiser features a chunky exterior design with short overhangs. Many of the car’s body parts have been designed for easy replacement in case they get damaged. Inside, there’s the option of either five- or seven-seat configurations, while all versions will come with a full suite of safety assistance systems.

Toyota will kick off pre-sales of the Land Cruiser later this year with a special First Edition model, of which only 3,000 examples will be made for Europe. Prices and specifications are expected to be announced closer to that time.…CONTINUE.YOUR.READING>>>

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