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Tr@gedy as 4-year-old boy ch0kes to de@th while eating meat during lunch break in school

Tr@gedy as 4-year-old boy ch0kes to de@th while eating meat during lunch break in school...Continue The Full Reading.

News circulating the internet is the sad tale of a four-year-old boy by the name, Miguel Ovoke who choked on the meat on his food during lunch break in Brick Hall School, Abuja.

According to info, the boy had brought food from home containing a big piece of meat which he swallowed or tried to swallow in the course of eating.

As he began to choke, the teacher noticed and called for help. The school tried to get the meat out all to no avail and they rushed him unconscious to the hospital, where the doctor declared him dead on arrival.

The deceased boy’s parents cried foul play but a quick look through the school’s CCTV showed that the little boy had indeed choked on his food.

However, the boy’s mother blamed the school for what happened to her child, saying,

“Brick hall school Abuja killed my son. I took him to school that day in good health. The school said my son choked on his food (beef), but they told the doctor to announce that he died in the hospital. Nigerians please help”nbsp;

A protest was staged at the school premises and it was alleged that the school is currently shut down.

Condolences pour for the parents with many advising parents to dice their children’s meat and debone the fish to avoid terrible cases like this....Continue The Full Reading.>’. 


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