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Trump Reveals This attack that killed 3 US Troops, would never have happened if I were President




Former US President Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden, his successor, of being responsible for the deadly attack on US forces in Jordan by militants with Iranian support, which resulted in three deaths and numerous injuries.

As reported by Times of Israel, Trump asserted that such an attack would not have occurred during his administration and blamed it on Biden’s “weakness and surrender” to Iran.

In a statement released on Sunday, Trump expressed his condolences to the families of the service members killed in the attack, but also used the opportunity to criticize Biden’s foreign policy. He said that Biden had given Iran billions of dollars, which the regime had used to fund its terrorist proxies and spread violence in the Middle East.

“Three years ago, Iran was weak, broke and totally under control. Thanks to my Maximum Pressure policy, the Iranian Regime could barely scrape two dollars together to fund their terrorist proxies,” Trump said.

“Then Joe Biden came in and gave Iran billions of dollars, which the Regime has used to spread bloodshed and carnage throughout the Middle East.”

Trump also claimed that the attack on US troops in Jordan was one of the many consequences of Biden’s failure to protect US interests and allies in the region. He said that if he was still president, the attack would never have happened, nor would the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel, the war in Ukraine, or the rising tensions with China and Russia.

“This attack would NEVER have happened if I was President, not even a chance. Just like the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel would never have happened, the War in Ukraine would never have happened, and we would right now have Peace throughout the World,” Trump said. “Instead, we are on the brink of World War 3.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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