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Undergraduate Stabs Girlfriend To Death For Seizing His Phone



The Ogun State Police Command has arrested Adebayo Adeyemi, a student of Dental Therapy Department of the College of Health Technology, Ijebu Ode, for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend and schoolmate identified as Mercy, to death after she seized his phone over an alleged relationship with another girl.……CONTINUE READING>>>

It was reported that it all started in September 2023 when Mercy took Adeyemi’s phone and kept it after discovering that he was cheating on her.

When she refused to return the phone, Adeyemi left for Lagos State to do the practical of his course. On his return to Ijebu Ode in January this year, he went to Mercy’s hostel to ask why she took his phone.…WATCH.THE FULL VIDEO HERE

It was gathered that he met his accomplice, Michael, there and told him about what he intended to do. Michael reportedly suggested taking Mercy to ‘Island,’ a code said to be understood by cultists.

It was further gathered that they saw a driver that Michael was familiar with and asked him to pick them as Adeyemi claimed he was taking Mercy to a police station for the matter to be settled.

Police investigations revealed that when they got to a spot along the way by a bush, Adeyemi, Michael, Mercy and her friend got down. Adeyemi reportedly took Mercy to a field in the bush where he reportedly queried her concerning his phone. He was said to have eventually slaughtered her there, with Michael pinning her down.

In an interview with Adeyemi, he said that he didn’t know the spirit that came over him to commit such an act. He claimed that it was fueled by the anger he felt when he was hit by the deceased as he was trying to cuddle her on the neck.

”I’m from Atiba, Oyo State, but based in Ijebu Ode. I’m 30 years old. I’m a student of Dental Therapy Department of a College of Health Technology, Ijebu Ode.

Last year, my girlfriend, Mercy, a fellow student, took my phone on September 2, 2023, and didn’t return it. When I saw her one-on-one, I asked her to give me my phone, but she refused to do so. I went for practical in Lagos State on September 4, and on my return this year, I went to her again but she was just dodging me until I asked people to help get in touch with her.

I went to where she was residing and asked her again to give me my phone. She didn’t respond. I told a man living in the same house with her that I would take her to a police station where she would give me the phone. She agreed with me on that.

When asked whether he was into drugs, Adeyemi denied using drugs, saying that he only used to take alcohol poured on herbs for medicinal purposes. He also said that he had never joined a cult.

His accomplice, Michael, who confessed to the crime, said;

“I am an Egun from Benin Republic but my parents relocated to Ipokia in Ogun State. I will be 29 in February. I’m also a student in the same school with Adeyemi. In the morning of the fateful day, Adeyemi came to Mercy’s compound to ask about his phone. I was there with the driver. Later, he said he wanted to take Mercy to the police station but I didn’t want to go there with him because I didn’t want any trouble. So, I asked him to go somewhere within the community to ask her questions.

He asked for my friend’s car key but that one refused to give him, offering to take him to the police station. On the way, Adeyemi asked him to stop by the bush side and I came down with him, Mercy and her friend, while the driver left with the student in the car. Adeyemi and Mercy entered the bush and I stayed by the side with her friend.

Later, I saw Adeyemi come out with a wound on his head. I asked him what happened and he replied that Mercy injured him and he also hit her. I asked about her and he said that she was inside the bush, in the throes of death. Mercy’s friend and I immediately moved away from the spot and headed home, leaving the body in the bush. I was frightened by Adeyemi’s looks. We got to the compound where Mercy and the driver lived and stood there. The friend was scared and said that she would go to my room to rest.

When we got to my place, I told her that I wanted to sleep with her, but she refused. She pleaded with me, saying that she would give me money if that was what I wanted. She promised to transfer the money immediately. I demanded for N200,000 and she said she didn’t have such money. That was when I slept with her. When I was done, I brought out a dish with black soap in it and warned her not to tell anyone about what happened between us, or else the consequences would be dire. …WATCH.THE FULL VIDEO HERE

Later, Mercy’s friend went to a brother with whom I was attending the same church and reported what happened. That was how the police were informed and Adeyemi was apprehended while he was with his current girlfriend. Adeyemi just told me that he wanted to torture Mercy. He didn’t tell me he would kill her. I didn’t know what took over me that made me r*pe Mercy’s friend.”…..CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>> 

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