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University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) student commits suicide after lending ‘Snapchat lover’ N500,000 – MGT



Sanni Hameedat, a 20-year-old University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) student, allegedly committed suicide after giving N500,000 to a guy she met on social media app Snapchat.....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

Hameedat was undergoing her SIWES programme before the incident happened.

According to a statement by the management of the institution, the reason for her death was linked to the pressure from loan app agents who demanded quick payback, as well as her brother’s incapacity to aid her financially, which led to depression.

It said: “The cause of suicide was traced to financial misappropriation. She was entrusted with a significant sum of money by her mother. She crossed paths with a guy on Snapchat and developed a friendship.

“When the boy claimed that his mother was battling breast cancer and urgently needed N500,000, the compassionate and emotional lady decided to help him by lending him half of the N1 million she held for her mother. And the boy promised to repay the borrowed money.

“However, when her mother needed the money back, the boy abruptly cut off all contact, blocking her. This left her deeply troubled and in order for her to make up the missing N500,000, she resorted to borrowing money from various apps.”

Hameedat was said to have gathered N450,000 from the loan apps, adding her savings of N50,000 to make up the borrowed N500,000.

The management further maintained that she was reported to have ingested a bottle of pesticide popularly known as sniper the previous night, and her roommate (name withheld), who had retired to bed early, woke up in the middle of the night to discover her in distress while she was foaming from her mouth and also vomiting.

The statement stated: “Alarmed, the roommate sought help, and she was rushed to UITH before being declared dead.”

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