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WAHALA EVERYWHERE: Drama As Heat Deal With Lawmakers After NEPA Took Light At National Assembly

A prolonged power outage by the power holding company of Nigeria aka NEPA disrupted proceedings at the National Assembly on Wednesday, causing inconvenience to lawmakers and staff.

Lawmakers and staff were observed using papers and other materials to fan themselves in an attempt to alleviate the heat engulfing the complex following the blackout.

No official explanation was provided for the outage, but it was speculated to be linked to the issues contributing to the erratic power supply nationwide and the malfunctioning of generating sets.

Expressing disappointment, some lawmakers and aides labeled the situation as embarrassing.

An anonymous aide remarked, “If we can experience a power outage in the National Assembly, imagine what our people in our villages are passing through. This is so shameful and embarrassing. And sad enough, nobody will be punished for this show of shame and carelessness.”

Due to the uncomfortable conditions, many lawmakers suspended their activities for the day and departed from the premises.

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